About us

Founded in 2007 by Ozan Bayık, Serhan Bayık and Okan Bayık, OSO Architecture provides architectural and interior design services. OSO Architecture has adopted a design process that blends rapidly developing and changing new design methods and up-to-date material knowledge with construction economics and a futuristic vision, in a functional and aesthetic way.

We believe each project, in its uniqueness, should be looked at from different and creative perspectives in order to create the most functional and efficient design.

Therefore, OSO Architecture has brought together three different but highly related professions: architecture, interior design and civil engineering; in order to provide consultancy, project development and management, implementation, design, control and contracting services. OSO Architecture has carried out projects of different varieties and sizes both in Turkey and abroad, and is continuing to do so.

Our aim is not only to create an innovative and original architectural project, but also to optimize the investment budget of the employer with the added-value brought by the design.



To us, architectural design is a process that takes root and grows outward in line with the requirements and demands of the interior. While the needs and demans of companies constitute the main basis of our designs; the public use of a building and its integration with its surroundings are important parts of our design methodology. In addition, we aim to create an important benchmark in the surrounding area with the added-value provided by good design and to create an attractive force.

In company with our team and necessary consultants, from the first stage of a project to the finale of the construction site operations; basic needs, vision for the future, sustainability and legal requirements are met and the best is achieved by blending them all together to form a center of attraction, taking into account the investment budget and environmental relations.



Interior architectural design is much more than just creating a qualified and beautiful space, for us. The corporate identities and brand cultures of the companies or people whose spaces we design are blended together within the framework of basic needs and requirements. Apart from our team, this process is carried out together with various engineers and necessary consultants and is perfected meticulously.

In all our projects, the spaces are planned to bring users a sense of belonging and loyalty by matching the user profile and target customer group with the brand identity. The result is happy users, boosted performance and work efficiency. It is among our top priorities that our employer’s investment economy gains value interms of both aesthetics and functionality.



Indoor implementation and site management are very compact and detail-intensive processes, where many different disciplines and specializations should be carried out in a harmonious and coordinated cooperation. Different disciplines such as architecture, engineering, security, landscape, environment and ecology that make up the components of space affect and shape each other. Our aim is to manage this process perfectly, from the start of the construction site operations to the projects’ delivery, and ultimately to reach your dream that we created during the project phase.

In this process, from the beginning of the construction site to the turnkey delivery:
• All material and product deliveries, assembly and workmanship, necessary testing and commissioning, and the handover process are carried out through site management and are completed flawlessly.
• All necessary precautions regarding occupational safety are taken precisely.
• In line with our experience and experience, possible risks in the process are minimized by our necessary foresight and planning.
• Compliance with the work schedule and precision in timing are paid attention to.


Okan Bayık

Architect - Founder Partner

Istanbul Technical University

Serhan Bayık

Interior Architect - Founder Partner

Dokuz Eylül University + Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Ozan Bayık

Civil Engineer - Founder Partner

Yıldız Technical University

Tunç Aka

Mimar Sinan F.A.U.

Semra Halepli

Yıldız Technical Unv.

Şevki Özger

İstanbul Aydın Unv.

Didem Erol

Yıldız Technical Unv.

Gülsenem Sütçü

Istanbul Technical Unv.

Efe Yılmaz

Kocaeli Unversity

Erkan Çeçen

Marmara University

Oya Demir

Sapienza Unv. of Rome

Aylin Özdemir

Marmara University

Sinan Çalışkan

Karadeniz Technical Unv.

Tuğba Kılınç
Msc. Architect

Istanbul Technical Unv.

Bahar Çiçekçi

Mimar Sinan F.A.U.