The entrance hall & reception area of the "Business Incubator" building.
Inorder to emphasize the coorparate identity, the logo of the campus is used as key element into the design of the waiting area & typical corridors.
Computer coding language is used as lighting equipments into the design of the entrance gallery hall, inorder to create an ambiance which relates directly the computer informatics. 
The photos of the waiting area during the construction period. 
The photos of the gallery hall from the construction site. 
Design Team  : Ozan Bayık , Serhan Bayık , Okan Bayık , Erkan Çeçen , B. Bahar Çiçekçi, Kübra Demirtuna
Client  : Bilisim Vadisi
Date  : 2016 - ongoing
Place  : Istanbul - Turkey
Construction Supervision  : OSO Architecture

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