This is a renovation project of a health club in Ceylan Int. Hotel, Taksim. The interior design is based on modern & minimal principals. The project consists of 3 uses being spa & massage rooms, fitness bar, and a terrace.
A calm and peaceful atmosphere is considered in designing spa & massage rooms while – on the contrary - an energetic & dynamic atmosphere for the fitness bar. In the massage rooms candles, dimmed lights & mirrors are designed to emphasize the calming atmosphere.
On the terrace, an existing room is turned into an after massage relaxation room. On the façade of the room, a curvilinear sliding door system is used to allow direct access to the open terrace in summer while to outline a warm closed space in winter
Design Team  : Serhan Bayık , Ozan Bayık , Okan Bayık
Client  : Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel
Date  : 2007
Area  : 400 sqm 
Place  : Istanbul - Turkey
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