E Bebek brand defines himself as “Marzanet”. This combined Turkish word has became three different words which come together into one identity. These three words are; store, market and internet...
So the new chain store concept design, should become the combination of three structures. That’ s why the general ambiance of new stores mostly like a market design. However, you can see some features of the store design, especially into the facade.
Additionally there is an internet point inside the store where you can follow the e-trade products of the brand.
The main conceptual criteria is to create a powerfull welcoming effect. So the path has been defined on the ground and ceiling which creates a way for customers, they can follow it from entrance to exit.
Design Team  : Okan Bayık , Serhan Bayık , Ozan Bayık , A.Emre Mert
Client  : E Bebek
Date  : 2013-2015
Area  : 750 - 1.000 sqm 
Place  :Turkey
Construction Management  : OSO Architecture
Photo  :  OSO Architecture
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