Gürallar Lav Headquarter is located in Kartal, Istanbul with their offices within an area of 2600 m². The office design has been inspired by the company’s corporate identity who is a glass manufacturer, to create the unique and boutique office for them.
Inorder to adapt the company's coorporate identity to the spaces, their corporate colors had been used in some niche points. Additionally the diagonal formed separations between the corridors and working zones was also inspired from the company’s own logo.
Mainly the open plan office principles had been followed while designing the working areas. However, in order to minimize some disadvantages of open plan design; such as acoustic and repetition problem of working tables; some precautions had been taken. Which, some social areas like a lounge and library were integrated among the working areas. Furthermore, special rock wool panels were used on the ceiling as a suspended ceiling material, in order to reach the acoustic comfort into the open office spaces. 
In general sense, matching and integrating this office space designed with their own company identity, field of business, and user profile are determined as a basic design problem, and thus, it is aimed to bring sense of belonging to the space.
Design Team  : Ozan Bayık , Serhan Bayık , Okan Bayık , Erol Yurdakuk, A.Emre Mert
Client  : Gürallar
Date  : 2014
Area  : 2.600 sqm 
Place  : Istanbul - Turkey
Construction Management  : OSO Architecture​​​​​​​
Photo  :  OSO Architecture
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