Lego Turkey is located in Istanbul with their offices within an area of 350 m². The location as the first office of the company located in Turkey has a staff consisting of 23 personnel. Highly “compact” and designed in accordance with an intense requirement program, the spaces have been generally planned in an open-office construction to relieve the intensity.
As the world leader within their own field of industry, “Lego” brand and company have been recognized as primary design criteria for corporate identity highlight and interior design. In this sense, there has been inspired from the Lego products to strengthen the emphasis on the belonging to the brand identity of the designed spaces. In this respect, the entrance hall and the ceiling of the reception have been designed in “Lego Brick” form.
In addition, “Lego Minifigures” have been used both on the walls and also glass partitions. The historical photographs of the company founder, the first employees of the manufacturing plant and the very first production stage have also been used at different places inside the office, and thereby, the intended sense of belonging has been consolidated.
In general sense, Lego’s corporate colors have been used on different surfaces and in different forms in all places, and a kind of harmony has been achieved in the interior design. In addition, acoustic comfort has been increased by taking special acoustic measures throughout the office.
In the office where a dynamic and modern design language has been adopted in general sense, it has been aimed to create venues which are integrated with the corporate identity, have high energy, and where comfort conditions are provided at a high level.
Design Team  : Okan Bayık , Serhan Bayık , Ozan Bayık , A. Emre Mert, Kerem Karatas
Client  : Lego System A/S
Date  : 2014
Area  : 350 sqm 
Place  : Istanbul - Turkey
Construction Management  : OSO Architecture
Office Furnitures  : Nurus 
Custom Made Furnitures: Modem Mobilya
Photo  :  Gurkan Akay & OSO Architecture
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