The “O Mutfak” project consists of kitchen, service and restaurant spaces of Okan University’s Gastronomy Department. It serves both as a culinary institute and as a professional kitchen for the students and the academic staff.
The restaurant with 65 indoor seats also houses private receptions and parties. In order to create a spacious and modern impact suspended ceiling is avoided. Wood and textile is used to help the space gain a warm and natural character. The sofas are designed to dominate the space with their bright colour and dynamic shape. The integration of concrete and mosaic tiles on the floor helps to emphasize the timeless impact of the space which is both modern and classic. The wooden bookshelves on top of the tables refer to the design of the sofas in order to achieve a common interior language of space.
Design Team  : Serhan Bayık , Ozan Bayık , Okan Bayık 
Client  : Okan Universitesi
Date  : 2013
Area  : 260 sqm 
Place  :Istanbul - Turkey
Construction Management  : OSO Architecture
Photo  :  OSO Architecture
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