Sibel Logistics

Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-001
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-002
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-003
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-004
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-005
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-006
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-007
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-008
Ofis Dekorasyonu-Sibel-009

This is an office decoration project designed for Sibel Logistics company, which provides international transportation services. The scope of this project consist of an entrance hall to the building and an office area that was designed to expand their existing management office.

Design Team : Ozan Bayık, Serhan Bayık, Okan Bayık, Buse Günaydın, Nazlı Yenigül, Berker Varol

Client : Sibel Logistics

Date : 2022

Area : 300 m²

Place : Ataşehir – Istanbul