Ping & Optimedia Offices


This office desing and office fit out project created for two different companies which are located in the same flat. The two companies, one of them being “Optimedia” with 36 employees & the other being “Ping” with 70 employees, share a total of 980 m² space.The entrance hall which is used by two companies is designed in terms of minimal principles. Moreover each firm’s identity is emphasized by using their corporate colors.

The most important space of “Ping” is the meeting room which is located on the left part of the entrance hall. The form of this space is inspired by a “seed” shape in which all the ideas emerge and develop. Additionally the company’s corporate color red, is used on one of the solid wall in the interior space to evoke ideas while you’re inside the meeting room. The exterior facade of this space is covered with  natural “ash” which contrast with the floor. The facades are designed by cad modeling, produced at the workshop & mounted in site. The working space is designed as a flexible open office.

On the right hand side of the entrance hall is the “Optimedia” office with it’s welcoming wall of images. The wall reflects corporate identity as well as separates the work space from the waiting area and meeting rooms. Because of the need for natural light & ventilation, meeting rooms & executive offices are designed next to the facade; while the open office is designed at the centre. No soffit ceiling is considered in order to keep the existing height & create a spacious interior.

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Design Team :

Okan Bayık, Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık

Client :

Ping & Optimedia

Date :


Area :

980 sqm

Place :

Levent / Istanbul

Construction Management :

OSO Architecture

Photos :

OSO Architecture