Met Global Headquarter


Met Global office interiors project is located within an area of 2.250m² in Teknopark Bloklari in Davutpasa Campus of YTU. The office located at a single space on the top floor has a capacity of 325 personnel. The business field where the company operates manufactures software and information technologies on tourism basis. In this sense, they have a quite young and dynamic staff integrated with the digital environment. Created moving from this point, the interior concept setup is designed to be matched with the general characteristic of the office and the personnel profile. Accordingly, the modern and contemporary design language as adopted is blended with the color use, and vitality and dynamism are brought to the interior spaces. Moreover, there is a reception wall that shapes the first impressions of the users and visitors about the brand at the entrance hall of the office. In the design of this wall, there is inspired from the ‘pixel” form with respect to the software and information industry as produced by the company.

At Met Global office where the general layout setup is planned as an open office, the recreation areas are integrated into the open office. Thus, it is encouraged to increase the internal communication at the office and to trigger the creative ideas. To this end, grass platforms are created at the edges of the exterior of the open office, and these spaces are connected with the recreation space (gazebo) in the mid-venue. Furthermore, there is an independent café in the office, and a playroom connected with this venue is also planned. On the other hand, to eliminate some disadvantages caused by the open office setup, and especially to protect the privacy as required occasionally, there are planned 2 “think rooms”. It is aimed to enhance the concentration of the users by creating a completely enclosed and isolated environment in these spaces. In addition, in planning setup, the number of the meeting rooms is maximized, and some rooms are transformed into the “informal” meeting rooms in “lounge” style. Thus, multifunctional spaces are created, where both meetings are held, and ‘brainstorming” can be made.

In general sense, the main conceptual criteria for this Met Global office was determined to be designed according to the company identity, field of business and user profile. Consequently our aim is to give the sense of belonging to this space for users and visitors.

Custom Made Office 3 / Met Global

Yapı-August 2015/Met Global

Design Team :

Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık, Okan Bayık, Oya Canatar, Erhan Arslan, Tugba Kılınç

Client :

Met Global

Date :


Area :

2250 sqm

Place :

Davutpaşa / Istanbul

Construction Management :

OSO Architecture

Photos :

OSO Architecture - Gürkan Akay