Ebebek Chain Stores


Ebebek stores sells all baby products for 0-3 years. OSO Architecture has prepared  a conceptual interior design for all chain stores of this brand in all over Turkey. The main conceptual idea is to put together the own identities of stores and markets into one concept. So Ebebek stores have the characteristics of both element such as open entrance, categorical displays, market shelves, internet point, market cashiers etc. There is a key element for our design is the orange path which emphasized the ground and ceiling materials. This path creates a welcoming entrance for the customers and links them to the all categories until the payment point.

Mainly  we’ve selected the soft and light colors for the whole displays, in order to emphasize the products most.  This is also helpful to keep alone the orange path and  to put the emphasis on it.

In this project where a dynamic and modern design language has been adopted in general sense, it has been aimed to create venues which are integrated with the corporate identity and have high energy.

You can find the publication of this project from the link below:

Global Store Windows Design / Ebebek

Design Team :

Okan Bayık, Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık, A.Emre Mert

Client :

E Bebek

Date :

2013 - 2015

Area :

700sqm - 1000 sqm

Photos :

OSO Architecture