Avansas Chain Stores


It’s a conceptual retail shop interior project for Avansas that one of the leader companies in it’s own sector in the e-commerce. The company has entered the retail sector with two stores that the first one in Mecidiyeköy and the second one in Watergarden Shopping Mall in Ataşehir.

The main features of the stores’ customer are, doing shopping fast and specifically focusing office goods. For that reason; giving more information about the variety of the product and keeping customers more in the stores were targeted. As a result of this idea, customers spend more time inside the store which also helps to increase sales.

The whole products in the store which contains all necessary items for an office are grouped under 8 categories. These categories are emphasized specifically on the ceiling with the integrated design of a sign board and a lighting equipment. Those help to customer as a way finder and also give them an information about the variety of product range.

In general sense, the retail shop interior concept is created as a combination of store and market features which become together under the minimal design language. As a result of this decision, the space design grabs to the customers’ attention itself, beside the retail products are more highlighted with the simple and minimal design language.

Design Team :

Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık, Okan Bayık, Şevki Özger, Aylin Özdemir

Client :


Date :

2020 - 2021

Area :

500m2 - 600m2

Photos :

OSO Mimarlık