Avansas Chain Stores


It’s a conceptual retail shop interior project for Avansas that one of the leader companies in it’s own sector in the e-commerce. The company has entered the retail sector with two stores that the first one in Mecidiyeköy and the second one in Watergarden Shopping Mall in Ataşehir.

The user target audience of the store creates a profile that makes shops office products, and shops quickly and in a targeted manner. Thus, the main idea of the store’s concept was to keep the users informed about the products that were beyond their target area, in order to keep them in the store for a longer period of time and create a cross-selling effect.

The store has a product range that will meet all the needs of an office, and they are grouped under a total of 8 different categories. These categories were especially emphasized on the ceiling with an integrated design of sign boards and lighting, for the purpose of informing the customers about the product variety and in-store orientation.

Designed as a blend of store and market designs in general, the place allows the products to come to the fore with its simple and minimal design language.

Design Team :

Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık, Okan Bayık, Şevki Özger, Aylin Özdemir

Client :


Date :

2020 - 2021

Area :

500m2 - 600m2

Photos :

OSO Mimarlık