Topkapı Palace Museum Shop


Topkapı Palace Museum shop has been completely re-designed and conceptualised within the scope of the interior design works of OSO Architecture. Topkapi Palace Museum Shop is placed in the first coutyard in Topkapi Palace, which is the most visited place in Turkey and one of the world’s leading touristic destinations. This store has lots of connection between Ottoman History, because of the products and the location itself. This store is designed according to show the feeling of being in this historical texture as much as possible. The aim of this store design to continue the the same emotions that visitors felt in Topkapı Palace. In order to achieve this feelings classical Ottoman motives, tiles and marble were used in this store. Unlike any other museum shops, the main design idea is based on the principle of belonging to the place where they are.

There are some special shelve units are designed for the replikas of the object, that are displayed in the Topkapı Palace. Also the coffee area are designed in accordance with impoving the quality of time that the visitors spend in. For that reason, turkish coffee, turkish delight and other traditional food and bevarage are served in the store.

Design Team :

Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık, Okan Bayık, Gülsenem Sutcu, Erkan Çeçen, Şevki Özger

Client :

Anadolu Kültürel Girişimcilik

Date :


Area :

420 m2

Place :

Topkapı Palace / Istanbul