Ebebek Headquarter


Office interior project of Ebebek Headquarter is located in Bostancı, Istanbul with their offices within an area of 2250 m². Ebebek office’s has a staff consisting of 200 personnel. Highly compact and designed in accordance with an intense requirement program, the spaces have been generally planned in an open-office plan to relieve the intensity. The business field of the company is to manage their own chain stores which sell all kind of products for 0-4 year’s baby and childs. Moving from this point, the interior concept is designed to be matched with the general characteristic of the corporate identity and their own business field. Accordingly, the modern and contemporary design language is blended with especially white color use which represents pureness and cleanliness as for babies. Additionally some interior items which are inspired from baby products are re-designed as dominated elements of the interior. For instance, the giant abacus were designed into the entrance hall in order to dominate this area. Thus the interactive wall was created for personnel in order to write some mottos on it which are related with the offices daily theme. Moreover the giant lego bricks were designed into the social area for separation of lounge area and also for the purpose of pouf.

The other conspicuous elements of Ebebek office’s are creating some flower pools in order to hide the columns among the open office areas. In this way, the monotonous ambiance of regular open office plan has been break down and also created colorful office ambiance.

At the office where the general layout setup is planned as an open office, the recreation areas such as coffee break points are integrated into the open office. Thus, it is encouraged to increase the internal communication at the office and to trigger the creative ideas.

In general sense, the main conceptual criteria for Ebebek office space was determined to be designed according to the company identity, field of business and user profile. Consequently our aim is to give the sense of belonging to this space for users and visitors.

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Design Team :

Okan Bayık, Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık, Erkan Cecen, B.Bahar Cicekci

Client :

E Bebek

Date :


Area :

2250 sqm

Place :

Bostancı / Istanbul

Photos :

OSO Architecture